1: CBS announced renewals for 3 shows in 2024, but Tom Selleck's Blue Bloods was not one of them.

2: Fans were shocked to learn that Blue Bloods didn't make the cut for renewal on CBS.

3: The popular police drama starring Tom Selleck will not be returning for another season.

4: Speculations arise about the reasons behind CBS's decision to not renew Blue Bloods.

5: Despite a dedicated fan base, Blue Bloods failed to secure a renewal for the upcoming season.

6: Tom Selleck's iconic role as Frank Reagan will no longer be seen on CBS.

7: The end of Blue Bloods marks the conclusion of an era for fans of the hit show.

8: Viewers express disappointment over the news of Blue Bloods not being renewed by CBS.

9: As fans bid farewell to Blue Bloods, they look forward to seeing what's next for Tom Selleck and the cast.

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