Southern fried apples are a delicious comfort food recipe with tart apples cooked with butter, brown sugar, and warm spices. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Gather your ingredients and let's make southern fried apples! PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Melt butter in a medium cast iron or nonstick skillet. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Add the brown sugar, maple syrup, salt, and spices and stir until well combined. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Add the apples and stir them with a wooden spoon to coat with the butter and sugar mixture. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Cook the apples for 7-10 minutes until tender but not mushy, stirring frequently. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Southern fried apples are an excellent dessert, topping, or side dish! PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Fried apples taste incredible with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or served over warm homemade biscuits. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

southern fried apples


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