Peach sweet tea is a refreshing, fruity beverage made with freshly brewed black tea and homemade peach simple syrup. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Gather your ingredients and let's make peach sweet tea! PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Add the peaches, sugars, water, and cinnamon to a medium saucepan. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Simmer the syrup until the peaches are tender. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Strain the syrup into a container through a mesh strainer. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Combine the syrup with freshly brewed tea in a pitcher and top with water. PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

Peach sweet tea is the perfect beverage to serve at your next cookout, BBQ, or fish fry! PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

You will sipping this peach tea all summer! PINKOWLKITCHEN.COM

peach sweet tea


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