1: "Transform your garden with low-maintenance focal points like a water feature or sculpture."

2: "Add interest with a trellis covered in vines or a cozy seating area in your low-maintenance garden."

3: "Use contrasting textures like gravel paths or ornamental grasses to create visual impact in your garden."

4: "Incorporate outdoor lighting to highlight your focal points and extend your garden's usability."

5: "Plant flowering shrubs or perennials around your focal points for added color and beauty in your garden."

6: "Consider a raised bed or container garden for easy access and to showcase your favorite plants in your low-maintenance garden."

7: "Mix materials like stone, wood, and metal to create an eclectic and dynamic look in your garden focal points."

8: "Utilize vertical space with hanging baskets or a vertical garden to maximize your small low-maintenance garden."

9: "Personalize your garden with unique focal points that reflect your style and personality for a truly inspired outdoor space."

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