1: Meet Jessica Pearson, the fearless lawyer with a complicated past and a drive for justice in the series Pearson.

2: Nick D'Amato, the ambitious mayor of Chicago and Jessica's close ally, navigates politics with a moral compass in Pearson.

3: Angela Cook, Jessica's loyal cousin and confidante, brings heart and wisdom to her work in Pearson.

4: Keri Allen, a fierce attorney with a complex relationship with Jessica, proves herself a force to be reckoned with in Pearson.

5: Yolie, the sharp-witted and resourceful lawyer at Pearson Specter Litt, is a key player in Jessica's inner circle.

6: Miyoko, Jessica's trusted and efficient assistant, keeps the office running smoothly in Pearson.

7: Bobby Novak, a powerful real estate developer and Jessica's frequent adversary, poses a threat to her plans in Pearson.

8: Pat McGann, Jessica's mentor and a no-nonsense judge, offers guidance and tough love in Pearson.

9: Alex Williams, a talented lawyer with a complicated history with Jessica, proves to be a formidable opponent in Pearson.

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