1: Meet the Team Learn about the experts behind Pearson's accurate portrayal of Chicago politics in TV hit "The Good Fight."

2: Research and Development Discover how Pearson's team dives deep into Chicago's political history for authenticity in storylines.

3: Set Design Secrets Explore the intricate details of creating Chicago's political world through set design and locations.

4: Costume Department Delve into the costume department's process in bringing the characters of Chicago politicians to life.

5: Writing the Script Uncover the collaborative efforts of writers in crafting compelling storylines rooted in Chicago's political landscape.

6: Casting Calls Go behind the scenes of casting sessions to see how actors are chosen to embody Chicago political figures.

7: Filming in Chicago Learn how Pearson captures the essence of Chicago politics through on-location shoots in the city.

8: Editing and Sound Design Discover the importance of post-production in enhancing the storytelling of Chicago politics in "The Good Fight."

9: Audience Reaction Explore the impact of Pearson's portrayal of Chicago politics on viewers and the cultural conversation.

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