1: "Breaking Bad": A high school teacher turns to cooking meth after a cancer diagnosis.

2: "Lost": Survivors of a plane crash discover a mysterious island with supernatural elements.

3: "Game of Thrones": Betrayals, deaths, and unexpected alliances in the fight for the Iron Throne.

4: "Westworld": Robots gain self-awareness in a futuristic theme park.

5: "Mr. Robot": A cybersecurity engineer leads a double life as a vigilante hacker.

6: "The Good Place": A woman discovers she's in the afterlife with a twist.

7: "The OA": A blind woman goes missing and returns with mysterious powers.

8: "Twin Peaks": An FBI agent investigates a murder in a quirky small town.

9: "The Leftovers": Two percent of the world's population disappears in a global event.

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