1: "Lost" - The ambiguous ending of this iconic show left fans divided and questioning the meaning of it all.

2: "Game of Thrones" - The epic fantasy series finale sparked intense debates over character arcs and rushed storytelling.

3: "How I Met Your Mother" - The unexpected twist in the series finale angered many loyal viewers.

4: "Dexter" - The controversial finale of this beloved show left fans disappointed and wanting more.

5: "The Sopranos" - The cut-to-black ending of this mafia drama divided audiences and left them debating the fate of Tony.

6: "Seinfeld" - The unconventional finale of this comedy classic sparked mixed reactions from fans.

7: "Breaking Bad" - The intense series finale had fans talking about the morality of Walter White's actions.

8: "The Walking Dead" - The long-running show's finale polarized viewers over the resolution of the zombie apocalypse.

9: "Friends" - The beloved sitcom's ending left fans emotional but satisfied with the characters' closure.

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