1: Pair Gabriel Macht with Tom Selleck in a legal drama crossover.

2: Sarah Rafferty and Bridget Moynahan team up for a powerful female duo.

3: Patrick J. Adams and Donnie Wahlberg make an intriguing law enforcement duo.

4: Rick Hoffman and Len Cariou bring humor and wisdom to the spinoff.

5: Gina Torres and Amy Sedaris create a quirky yet captivating pair.

6: D.B. Woodside and Will Estes join forces for a dynamic duo on the streets.

7: Amanda Schull and Vanessa Ray form a fierce investigative team.

8: Aloma Wright and Marisa Ramirez bring depth and emotion to the series.

9: Meghan Markle and Whoopi Goldberg add star power and intrigue to the cast.

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