1: 1. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air showcased African American culture." 2. "Ugly Betty broke stereotypes by featuring a Latina lead character."

2: 3. "Pose highlighted stories of the transgender and LGBTQ+ community." 4. "Black-ish tackled important issues within the African American community."

3: 5. "One Day at a Time portrayed a Cuban-American family." 6. "Master of None provided a platform for Indian representation."

4: 7. "Orange Is the New Black shed light on diverse backgrounds." 8. "Insecure explored the complexities of modern Black culture."

5: 9. "Jane the Virgin celebrated Latinx representation." 10. "Gentefied showcased the struggles of a Mexican-American family."

6: 11. "All American focused on the challenges faced by Black athletes." 12. "The Chi delved into the lives of residents in a Black community."

7: 13. "Superstore featured a diverse cast with various backgrounds." 14. "Quantico showcased a South Asian lead character in a prominent role."

8: 15. "This Is Us portrayed a multifaceted representation of different races." 16. "Dear White People addressed race relations and identity in America."

9: 17. "Empire centered around a Black family in the music industry." 18. "Ramy explored the experiences of a first-generation Egyptian-American."

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