1: 1. Friends: A classic sitcom that deftly mixed hilarious moments with heartfelt stories about friendship.

2: 2. The Office: A mockumentary-style series that skillfully balanced humor with heartfelt character arcs.

3: 3. Grey's Anatomy: A medical drama known for its witty banter and emotional moments that keep viewers hooked.

4: 4. Scrubs: A unique blend of irreverent humor and touching dramatic moments in a hospital setting.

5: 5. Gilmore Girls: A charming dramedy that combines witty dialogue with poignant family dynamics.

6: 6. Desperate Housewives: A soapy drama with dark comedy elements that keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

7: 7. Jane the Virgin: A telenovela-inspired series with a perfect mix of comedy, drama, and romance.

8: 8. Orange is the New Black: A groundbreaking show that blends humor and drama in a women's prison setting.

9: 9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: A musical comedy-drama that tackles serious issues with humor and heart.

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