1: Welcome to the ultimate crossover event! Suits and Blue Bloods unite with iconic characters.

2: Harvey Specter from Suits meets Danny Reagan from Blue Bloods for an electrifying team-up.

3: Witness the clash of legal minds as Mike Ross and Jamie Reagan join forces.

4: Jessica Pearson and Erin Reagan work together to bring justice to the streets.

5: The power couple of Donna Paulsen and Linda Reagan take on the toughest cases.

6: Louis Litt and Frank Reagan combine their unique talents to solve crimes and win lawsuits.

7: Rachel Zane and Nicky Reagan-Boyle form an unstoppable duo in the courtroom.

8: Alex Williams and Abigail Baker join forces to uphold the law and protect their families.

9: Get ready for a crossover event like no other, as Suits and Blue Bloods collide in an epic spinoff!

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