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Time and again we have seen that there is only one way to build a team with people who will stay – TRAINING.

While many companies have their own in-house training programs, these are often too tailored to their specific activities, such as banks offering training programs in banking procedures. Often human resources departments are looking for employees who are already have training or experience. Yet they will tell you right off that “good people are hard to find” or “how do I know this person will fit into our team.” So it seems that neither degrees nor diplomas will guarantee you get the right person for the job – someone who shares your vision for the company.


EMA Member Training Programs

What seems to be missing is an understanding of the basics of organization – any organization. The basic principles of teamwork, communication lines and flows, conditions of operation, employee duties and performance and how these apply to your company, are fundamentals that aren’t learned and are expected to come through “experience.” But who wants to wait ten years for an employee or executive to build up such experience and underperform in the meantime?


What if such an employee or executive could be trained, right now, in these basic principles and perform accordingly? And what if all employees and executives in your company would be on the same page in regards your goals, plans and activities?


The Effective Management Training Center offers several training programs, depending on the depth of the offered training materials, either as online courses or as a class with an instructor. In a matter of weeks your staff can be trained on the entire spectrum of business administration, including organization, sales, marketing, client relations, human resources, finance and statistical management. They will learn what makes a business grow and how to contribute to the company’s goals. They will take their part in the overall operation and perform on the same principles as everyone else. In other words, this is the way to build a team you can rely on.


Free Business Analysis

The first step in righting your company or getting it to move at the speed you desire, is the free EMA Business Analysis which gives you the tool to put your business under a microscope and isolate the pain and friction points in your company as well as the areas that perform well. Filling out a detailed questionnaire resulting in a graphic representation will show you at a glance where something needs to be done to improve overall performance. An EMA Expert will help you analyze what came up and provide simple solutions to get the issues that came up fully resolved.

"This analysis is really amazing. For the first time, I got a clear view of what I needed to resolve to get our company back into gear again. The analysis just pinpointed the exact thing that was causing our slump and the EMA expert guiding us gave us great pointers of what to do. I really recommend doing this!" V.M.

FastTrack Online Training Courses

Training must begin with gradients. Taking a beginner on a tight rope 100 feet up is not the best way to train a great circus performer.

Consisting of close to 100 short videos, our FastTrack online training program teaches owners and employees the fundamentals of organization, administration, sales & marketing, management and public relations, followed by simple exercises that are automatically graded to ensure they are understood and can be applied.

Try our FastTrack Online Training Programs. If you can push a button you can train your staff in just a few weeks; they are that easy to implement. This first level of training, all by itself, has turned many, many businesses around or set them on the course to success.

"After finishing the EMA training courses I have a lot more data to better handle my life, work and be better at making decisions regarding almost all aspects of business. Doing this course has given me data on marketing, staff handling, business organizing, sales and a variety of other subjects. This in turn will help me kick start any business venture I start. It's hard to put a price on the value this information holds, these courses gave the ability to go anywhere and do anything and succeed. I look forward to see how this data improves my life." R.P.

Online Training Apprenticeship

Studying the EMA online courses will already put you and your employees head and shoulders above anyone else in your field in terms of administrative know-how and success. But what about getting everything you've learned really implemented in your company?

Here is where our EMA Apprenticeships come in. Tailored programs, made specifically for your company, take each of the principles you have learned and get them fully grooved in at your company. Under the guidance of a trained EMA Expert you will now start seeing the Hubbard Admin System at work on a daily basis and at all levels of the company. And, these principles, kept in place by the entire team, will continue to work from here on out and will create continuous prosperity for you and your team.

"You do not need to have a 'business' to apply this technology. Effective Management Association technology brings order and puts you in the drivers' seat at work. If you are reading this and considering becoming a member, I highly recommend it." S.M.

EMA Bootcamps

EMA delivers virtual "bootcamps" which are, as the term implies, intense, hands-on, interactive and engaging online seminars which are delivered over several days. 

With topics such as sales, team building, problem solving, management, these bootcamps are immensely popular and successful. Delivered by trained and experienced EMA trainers, many viewers have experienced spectacular growth after attending just one bootcamp.

PV Phase 1
"Thanks for the fun approach. The presentation was excellent and our team especially appreciated the eye-opening experiences you shared regarding the importance of taking action!" J.R.

The Model of Admin Know-How Program

As the final and most comprehensive step in the EMA training line-up, the Model of Admin Know-How program is the jewel in the crown of the Hubbard Management System training.

With everything learned to date, this program takes all the aspects and facets of the Hubbard Management System and puts these into real application in your company. With a sophisticated online dashboard covering all functions of management and guided by an EMA Trainer, this program will build your company to total stability, success and prosperity!

"Running a business with staff and clients can sometimes make you feel bogged down, tired and frustrated. However, since putting in the basics of LRH admin tech into our company we have become much more prosperous with far less effort and almost no upset. That lets us focus on delivering great service to our clients and work toward accomplishing the purpose of our business. The bottom line is that the Model of Admin Know How Program takes the worry out of business and makes it as fun and exciting as it was the first day we opened." J.N.

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