The Model of Administrative Know-How

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EMA's most comprehensive training program, the Model of Admin Know-How®, will take your company from doing okay to becoming a howling success!

"How is it that the highest paid salaried men in our current civilization are administrators? They are paid far, far more than professional people, far more than scientists, more than politicians who, above all people, should be excellent administrators. Why? Because they are so rare. Business schools may turn out graduates by the millions but very, very, very few of them ever become top-flight executives who can really administer. Why does the civilization develop so very few of them? Because this civilization has not had much workable administrative technology and has not even known the basic natural laws which underlie administration." - L. Ron Hubbard, from the article: ADMINISTRATIVE SUCCESS

The Right Tools - All in One Course!


The Model of Admin Know-How Course

If ever there was a course that rapidly teaches executives and employees all the basics of organization and management, this is the one!

Packed with extremely workable information covering all aspects of running a business, this course covers the essentials of production flows and priorities, planning and measuring performance, how to increase profitability, how to gel your business into a real team and much more.


This course can be done at any time by business owners, executives or employees, or your entire team. For students participating in our Model of Admin Know-How Program, this course is free of charge.

The Right Tools - All in One Dashboard!

You are busy running your business, our system helps you manage it.

There are many things to keep track of on a daily basis - production priorities, meetings and conferences, tasking, problem solving, keeping track of individual performance, hiring issues, promotion, etc., etc. With the Model of Admin Know-How online program we are providing a tool that allows you to have true visibility on what is going on in your business and manage your staff. Being web-based, you can access this information anywhere in the world. This program includes:


  • An easy way to manage your business with statistics and production performance, giving you true visibility.
  • Easy access for you and your staff to keep track of daily and weekly tasks.
  • The online implementation of your company's organization including functions, job descriptions and the products each section of your organization is meant to produce.
  • An inter-office communication system keeping your staff up-to-date with the company news feed.
  • Easy creation and managing of company-specific staff training programs.
  • And much more!
"Running a business with staff and clients can sometimes make you feel bogged down, tired and frustrated. However, since putting in the basics of the Hubbard Management System into our company we have become much more prosperous with far less effort and almost no upset.  That lets us focus on delivering great service to our clients and work toward accomplishing the purpose of our business.  The bottom line is that the Model of Admin Know How Program takes the worry out of business and makes it as fun and as exciting as it was the first day we opened." - John Nesbit, CEO  Customer Factory


Keeping and monitoring statistics is a vital part of properly managing your organization. We’ve created an incredibly simple way for you (and your employees) to create and input statistics that monitor what’s going on with the various parts of your organization.


Daily/Weekly Tasks

With this system you can easily add tasks ("battle plans") and your executives can not only ensure the battle plans align with the overall company strategy but check on these steps throughout the day to ensure yourstaff are staying on target.


Company Policy

You will have an entire section dedicated to company policies. You can edit who can see each policy to ensure they are going to the right people and edit/delete as necessary. This way the policies of the company are visible to create  alignment amongst all employees.


Organizing Board

You can build and tailor the structure of your company with our online "Organizing Board" showing the positions, functions and products of each of your staff and executives, and so keeping everyone aligned with the purpose of the organization.


Administrative Scales

Each company should have an administrative scale, laying out the goals and purposes of the company at the top, and aligning the policies, programs and products of the company with these goals for all employees to view and understand. Creating such an admin scale online will ensure continuous progress towards your goals.



The dashboard will give you an overall view of tasks, statistics, programs, policies and all other administrative tools, and can be used as a way to keep everyone aligned and productive. Your dashboard is your cockpit from which you can manage all aspects of your company - even when you're not there!

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"The Model of Admin Know-How program has helped me get a handle on what is happening in my company and get detailed. I don't just listen to what is being said, I am able to LOOK and KNOW. It's a game changer!" H.M.

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