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Everything Mr. Hubbard has written, which comprises the entire body of administrative technology, has been published in books, articles and course materials, available for everyone who wishes to study and learn the vast subject of administration. We have listed on these pages the most essential of these materials so that they can be ordered and used in your workshops and courses. These books and materials are published by the Hubbard College Press and the links on these pages will enable you to purchase these materials on their website.

The L. Ron Hubbard Reference Set

What if you had the key references available for every employee?

The Hubbard Management System is the foundation of success for tens of thousands of businesses around the world. And it’s exactly for that reason that this material was codified and packaged into one unique and comprehensive reference set. With all the key administrative and organizational references at your fingertips, training your executives and employees has become simple and fast.

This 12-volume Hubbard College of Administration Reference Set enables you to find the exact references you need in any business setting or situation, while the extensive glossaries make sure that every bit of technology is defined and understood.

This new reference set includes:

  • 10 Subject Volumes covering vital topics for businesses.
  • Over 400 references from the Hubbard Management System.
  • More than 2,200 pages of content.
  • Two additional Master Index and Glossary volumes, including a full alphabetical list of all articles and tables of contents by volume.
  • Over 2,000 terms defined, as they are used in the references.

Each volume also includes its own index and glossary.

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Divisional Policy Booklets Set

There are specific policy booklets for each division of a company or organization, including the Executive Division, Personnel Division, Finance Division, Production Division, Quality Control and Clients Divisions.

Select a series of Policy Booklets for the division of your choice and pay only $9 per booklet!


10 Policy Booklets Set

Organized by organizational divisions and by subject, these booklets provide a complete overview of organizational basics including management, finance, inter-office communication and relations, customer service, bills and solvency, marketing, public relations, strategic planning and more.

Select any 10 Policy Booklets of your choice and pay only $9
per booklet! Price per 10 booklets: $90


Full Policy Booklets Set

There are 90 Policy Booklets in total, each providing a specific area of your business and production. Together, these booklets form a complete library of administrative know-how for your executives and employees.

Price for the full set of 90 booklets: $800


The Complete Guide to Successful Selling

Selling is a technology, and you can master it! No matter the current financial climate, if you and your sales staff understand the full technology of selling, you can flourish and prosper. Although closing and objection handling skills are important, the technology of selling contains many vital tools, including the Four Tools of Selling: Communication, Emotions, Control and Interest.

Price: $49.95

The Complete Guide to Successful Selling Workbook

The Sales Workbook is the companion to the book, The Complete Guide to Successful Selling, which is required for the completion of the Sales Workbook exercises. Written by management consultants and sales professionals, this unique and interactive Sales Workbook has been designed to help you to apply the key principles in the book The Complete Guide to Successful Selling, and as a result, increase your earning potential!

Price: $99.95

The Complete Guide to Successful Selling Package

Increase your sales and profits by knowing and practicing proven sales techniques. Selling is a technology with many vital tools which you can master with the book and the workbook. These are important materials for you and your sales staff to fully understand and apply this powerful technology of selling so that you can flourish and prosper despite the economy.

Value $149.90 – Package Price: $129.95

Emotions in the Workplace DVD and Workshop

Your most expensive mistakes in business are personnel mistakes. How do you know who to trust? How do you assess a great hire versus someone who is going to wreak havoc in your group? How do you deal with emotions in the workplace when they are interfering with production? Learn how to read people accurately and predict their actions, and how to handle emotion in self and others. Price: 99.95


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