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There are EMA chapters all over the US. These chapters deliver biweekly seminars and webinars for members and non-members, help business owners and employees get onto EMA training programs and helping you to get your company on the road to success!

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Find an EMA Near You

The Effective Management Associations has offices all over the US.

Regional EMA's

Albany EMA

Director: Brett Everett
Email: bge242@aol.com

Deputy Director: Jennifer Baer
Email: jenniferbaer27@gmail.com

Atlanta EMA

Director: Martin Matthews
Email: 1martinmatthews@gmail.com

Deputy Director: Chelsea Matthews

Email: 1chelseamatthews@gmail.com

Boston EMA

Director: Thomas Norton
Email: nortonthom@gmail.com

Deputy Director: Fran Mackay
Email: famackay@gmail.com

Buffalo EMA

Director: Robert Bolt
Email: bbolt@mikes-subs.com

Chicago EMA

Director: Harry Klatt
Email: hklatt@sbcglobal.net

Deputy Director: Sue Frank

Email: sdfrank-dds@sbcglobal.net

Cincinnati EMA

Director: Ijaz Ahmed
Email: ijaz_ahmed786@hotmail.com

Deputy Director: Lauren Shapiro
Email: lauren.m.shapiro@protonmail.com

Columbus EMA

Director: Justin Flegm
Email: jflegm@durableslate.com

Detroit EMA

Director: Denee Dooley
Email: DetroitEMA.ED@gmail.com

Deputy Director: John Polizzi
Email: jp8543@yahoo.com

Long Island EMA

Director: Jim Kahrs
Email: jkahrs@prosperityplus.com

Maine EMA

Director: Carolyn Hamm
Email: galtcarolyn@aol.com

D/Director: Shaina Deutsch
Email: shaina.deutsch@gmail.com


Miami EMA

Director: Erika Enciso
Email: ed.miami@effectivemanagement.us

Nashville EMA

Director: Paul Silovski
Email: paul@reboundphysicaltherapy.com

Deputy Director: Brian Pierce
Email: brianxpierce@gmail.com

New Haven EMA

Director: Jim Seagrave
Email: jseagrave@outlook.com

Deputy Director: Pam Hawthorn
Email: pamela.ebs@gmail.com

New York EMA

Director: Karen Eckes
Email: karen@foundwellness.org

North Jersey EMA

Director: Marc Cosentino
Email: nybrickovens@gmail.com

Deputy Director: Mike Rubino
Email: mikey@allamericanrestoration.com

Philadelphia EMA

Director: Julianna Owens
Email: juliannaowens@hotmail.com

Puerto Rico EMA

Director: Javier Pescador
Email: femaconsultorpr@gmail.com

Deputy Director: Tamara Rivera Torres
Email: info@riveratorreslegal.com

Washington, DC EMA

Director: Katie Thompson
Email: director@emadc.org

Deputy Director: Rick Kimmel
Email: r.kimmel@selectkitchenandbath.com

Wisconsin EMA

Director: Daniel Ney
Email: jenevahb@gmail.com

Deputy Director: Tatjana Qadada
Email: tatjanaq@gmail.com

Vocational EMA's

EMA for Artists

Director: Lisa Goodman
Email: leisa@leisacollins.com

Deputy Director: Misha Crizer
Email: EMAartistsUSA@gmail.com

EMA for Automotive

Director: Jimmy Alauria
Email: jimmy@3aautomotive.com

Deputy Director: Mike Watkins

Email: mikesautoclinic@yahoo.com

EMA Renaissance

Director: Remi Aregbesola
Email: remiaregbesola@yahoo.com

Deputy Director: Salahudin Muhammad
Email: brianology19@gmail.com



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