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Hands-on, Intense Education

One of the most popular EMA services is our Bootcamps. EMA Experts cover topics such as sales, marketing, hiring, teambuilding and administration skills to a live audience via Zoom, giving vital information, tips and advice and answering questions. Usually spanning 2 or 3 episodes, these Bootcamps are a unique opportunity to interact live with our experts and using this intense learning opportunity to resolve issues at work or in their own companies.

raffy bootcamp

Rafferty Pendery, CEO or Studio 98, delivering a Bootcamp to EMA members.

"I loved having the bootcamp done by Raffi Pendery who has such a deep understanding of the conditions as they apply to businesses.  Makes it really real and I knew I would get very applicable answers to my questions. " C.N.

Join our Team Building Bootcamp!

This new series of Bootcamps, delivered by Arte Maren and renowned quest speakers, covers all the fundamentals to build a cohesive and productive team. Oriented around the Organizing Board, these classes will cover:

  • How to be a true executive and leader
  • Personnel hiring and retaining
  • Marketing and dissemination
  • Accounting, finances and solvency
  • Delivering top-notch services to result
  • Quality control and all it entails
  • Creating new leads and expanding your client base.

Classes are rotating, so students can join at any time. Standard Pricing: $600 per month. 


Put Your Boots On!

Everyone is welcome to our EMA Bootcamps. A simple registration process is all!

The fee for joining an EMA Bootcamp is depending on its size  (they vary from a one-day episode to 4 episodes spread over 4 days).  If you are interested, you can fill out the form below and we will send you our Bootcamp schedule.

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Bootcamps Implementation

After each Bootcamp, we offer programs to help you implement the subject of the Bootcamp in your company. These programs, including individual coaching, will take each of the points covered in the Bootcamp and help you bring those points into action. For more information, just click the button below.

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